Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Method Cleaners

When cleaning I try to use as many natural cleaners as I can that actually get the job done. My favorite brand is the Method line of natural cleaners. I use them in my own house when cleaning. If I bring my own cleaners to someone's house, they are the ones I use. Some of my clients even buy them for me to use at their houses. Cleaners are as individual as the client and some want specific ones only, some want me to use what they provide, and some don't care either way!

Their version of glass cleaner is now called Glass and Surface cleaner. It used to be called Best in Glass, which I thought was really adorable. It works as well as any of the chemically-laden glass cleaners out there and has a nice clean, pepperminty smell.

This is their Daily Shower spray, which you are supposed to just spray into your shower after each use. However, I use it as a regular bathroom cleaner. It works just as well as their Tub-N-Tile, and it comes in a refill size, so is a much better bang for your buck. I will show you in a future post how well it works on this one shower I have that gets bad soap scummy. It is amazing and natural without harsh chemical smell.

Method's abrasive cleaner, similar to Soft Scrub, is called Le Scrub. I don't know why it has the French name, but it does work well. It is mildly abrasive, so is not all scratchy, but has enough abrasive in it to get the deep down that you need like to get marks out of the counter top or to scrub out a sink or a bathtub ring. It also has a nice clean smell. It does not have any bleach in it like Soft Scrub or Comet. 

I like their dusting spray, Wood for Good. It has an almond smell and is good at moisturing wood and does not leave a waxy residue, so it is not all slippery if you accidentally get it on the wood floor. It is actually fairly thick, but because it comes in a spray bottle, you can dilute it with water to make it last longer and does not seem to decrease its effectiveness when you dilute.

I love, love, love their AntiBac. Most natural cleaning lines do not have a disinfectant spray. This one works just like Lysol in killing 99.9% of household germs. You can use it on your countertops to kill salmonella after chicken or meat juices have been on there. You can spray it on your toilets to kill all those germy germs. The original flavor has this sweet spearmint scent, which I just love. They also have two new flavors, clementine and lime verbena. I have smelled these and they are nice as well, but the original is my favorite. After we have all been sick, I have even been known to walk around spraying this in the house and wiping down doorknobs and light switches with it.

Method also has dish detergents, hand soaps, laundry detergent, a granite top cleaner, wipes with their different products, and all-purpose cleaners. I have used most of these other products with as much satisfaction as the above. The one thing of theirs that I don't love as much is their toilet cleaner. It just is not as effective over time as keeping the bowl fresh and germ free. If you want to use a good natural cleaner for your toilet, I recommend the Clorox Clean-up Brand.

One word of caution in using natural cleaners if you have tree nut allergies: A lot of times these cleaners such as the Wood for Good use tree nut oils in them. This is true for non-Method lines as well. For instance the Clorox Clean-up Brand uses coconut oil for its base cleaner. If you have severe tree nut allergies and use these in your house, you could make yourself quite ill! Make sure to read the labels.

I always buy my Method cleaners at Target. They are on sale this week until Sunday. If you buy three of the selected products, you can get one free, so $12 worth of cleaners for $9. I believe I have also seen them at KingSoopers/Kroger grocery stores. That is one last nice thing about the Method cleaners is that they are not overly expensive. They are not as inexpensive as some of the regular chemically cleaners, but they are not exorbitant like others can be.

So run out this week and pick up some great Method products at Target. It really is a great deal!

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  1. I have noticed these but never knew much about them. Next time I'm in need of some cleaning products I'll definitely check them out! I am especially intrigued by the shower cleaner as we use another brand daily.

    Do you ever see coupons for Method?