Friday, July 1, 2011

Bob's Shower

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I clean for this great couple every other Thursday. They live a little, old house in which they have done lots of remodeling. They have one of the cutest dogs you have ever seen; he is so full of personality! In one of their two bathrooms, they installed all black fixtures and clear glass shower doors. It is a nice concept, but over time both the black and the clear can end up looking dirty. I use the Method cleaners that I have talked about previously to get these items clean.

With the black fixtures, it is best to avoid using any type of abrasive cleaner, including the liquid-based abrasives, such as Soft Scrub. It is not the scratching you need to worry about, but the residue when you are finished can be quite bad. It looks dusty with the dried abrasive residue all over; not really the look you want when cleaning is finished!

Bob's shower gets pretty scummy looking after two weeks. It wasn't as bad when I went to clean it as it has been sometimes in the past. When you keep up with cleaning, it makes it so much easier over time. The clear glass doors do really look cloudy and the white residue in the tub can be a little thick.

When I first enter the bathroom, I spray everything down with the Method Daily Shower to let it start to do its job before I even start scrubbing. I have used the Method Tub-n-Tile in this shower with similar results, but again, the Daily Shower works just as well and with the refill, it is just a lot less expensive.

I clean the mirror and the toilet and the sink before I start on the tub. That way the Daily Shower has had a chance to run and soak in, and the scrubbing is minimal. Then I actually climb into the tub and scrub around, making sure I get the Daily Shower on all the surfaces to remove the soap scum. I do wipe down the doors in the same fashion. It looks streaky and still a little cloudy at this time. Then I rinse the tub out with water.

** I can stand inside the shower with the doors closed and the Method cleaner everywhere, and I do not cough, sneeze, wheeze, or feel like I am choking on chemicals!

When the tub is rinsed, I spray the shower doors with the Method Best in Glass (or the new name is Glass and Surface). I use the Method microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure it looks as unstreaky as possible. These microfiber cloths are great for cleaning glass and even granite counter tops to make things look nice and shiny. Method has one that is a little bigger and thicker than other brands, but I have used ones from Scotch and even store brands. They all work equally well.

After the Best in Glass step is finished inside the tub, I do it to the glass on the outside of the tub and wipe down the front of the tub with it as well. It takes about five minutes to make it look this way, nice and easy! And voila! Here you have it, clean and clear and shiny!

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