Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fabric Addict!

So it all started this past weekend when my sister turned me onto this website called Pinterest where it is like every cool catalog you could ever image and you create your own boards and pin on all the things you like. Then I made boards for home ideas, cool polka dot ideas, cool gingham ideas, cool style ideas using gingham and polka dots, cool vintage trailers that I am now convinced that I need one for my backyard that I can redecorate..... And yes, I need to take a breath!

Actually my fabric addiction probably started long before finding Pinterest and now wanting to make all kinds of cool things with the above fabric that I just purchased. (I will get to the above fabric in a minute.) I have always loved fabric. My mom used to sew some, as did my grandmother. My sister is a super sewer and teaches family and consumer studies at a local high school. I am nowhere near the seamstress that she is, but I pick up many great ideas and skills from her. I also love the way fabric feels. I remember once being in a store with my sister, and she looked over at me and told me I had better stop groping all of the different materials or someone was going to report me! I still have to feel a piece of clothing or fabric at a sewing store before I buy it. If it doesn't have a good feel, it doesn't come home with me.

I went to a quilting show with my sister and her team teacher a couple of months ago. There were so many great fabrics there, I came home with some really great patterns and did this cool fabric box project, which I will have to blog about soon. That really renewed my fabric love and desire to do some house refreshing projects because sometimes I need to change things up and fabric can be an inexpensive and easy way to do just that.

After a weekend of spending way too much time on Pinterest, I was at my sister's house on Monday. She said she had been at Wal-Mart and found that they had these precut fabrics and then proceeded to show me the cutest gingham, polka dot, and scroll patterns of fabric. I thought they were not even selling fabric at Wal-Mart anymore, but apparently they still are, only in precut amounts. These were all 2 yard cuts, and she said they were mostly all on clearance for $5.00 each; that's $2.50 a yard! The ones that weren't on clearance were only $8.00 for the 2 yard amounts, which is still a great price per yard.

Yesterday, I made it to Wal-Mart to see what I could find. When I saw all the great patterns and colors, I flipped! I bought 8 last night of the cotton polka dot and gingham patterns. I also bought a 2 yard cut of felt that was also on clearance for $5.00. I have this cape project I want to do with the felt; again another thing to blog about sometime in the near future! Then I got to thinking about all the projects I could do with this cool new fabric. I had planned to go back to Wal-Mart after cleaning today and buy a couple more. Then my sister called me while I was cleaning and said she was already there and did I want anymore. I told her the ones I wanted, and she picked them up for me. Then I found myself back there in the afternoon when the kids and I had a couple of errands to run. I bought two more of the polka dots and two more colors of the felt.

I know I am out of control! If you count the number of colors and patterns above, the total is 16 as my daughter counted them up so nicely for me and then did the math to find that is 32 yards of fabric! What, may you ask, am I going to do with 32 yards of fabric?? Well, I have a few things in mind: I hope to recover my dining room chairs, make a valance or two, use the fabric behind some pictures as some matting, maybe make a couple more of my fabric boxes, and I have an idea for a cool new quilt for my bed! If and when each of these comes to fruition, I promise to blog about them.

In my defense, I don't usually buy this much fabric all at once, but it does appear that Wal-Mart may not be stocking these fabrics anymore. In fact we have two Wal-Marts within a couple of miles of our house. One is a Super Center Wal-Mart, and I went to that one first last night. It had none of these cool fabrics. So I went over to the other non-Super Center Wal-Mart where my sister said she had gotten her fabrics. They did have quite a few there last night and seemed to have good stuff still when my sister was there this morning. However, when I went back this afternoon, almost everything was gone. I was able to get the last two polka dot ones that I wanted, but truly those were it, and I lucked out in that they still had the two colors I wanted. This non-Super Center Wal-Mart is under remodeling construction, and it looks like they are making it into a Super Center. I wonder if they will not be selling these pre-cut fabrics anymore. It is perfectly justifiable, then, that I should buy up what I want! Right?? (Recognition is the first step in admitting you have a problem, correct?)

I am feeling super motivated and excited to see what all of this fun fabric can turn into in my home. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes! In the meantime, if I do have an addiction to fabric problem, I suppose in the grand scheme of things, there are worse things to which I could be addicted!

P.S. I put a link to my Pinterest boards under my Favorite Websites tab on the right hand side of my blog page. If you want to start pinning on Pinterest, let me know, and I will send you an invitation. That way you can just start Pinteresting. Otherwise you have to ask Pinterest for an invitation and sometimes they don't get to people right away.

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