Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

My little man enjoying some backyard fireworks last year.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone!

I have been trying hard all weekend to feel the holiday spirit, but my kids are on their last visit with their dad while he has been here for the last month from South Africa. I am mostly focusing on house projects. I have seen a couple of movies and been out to dinners and lunches with family and friends. I did a bunch of yardwork yesterday and plan to get the house cleaned over the next few days. Today I am going to work and then go to my sister's in-law's annual 4th of July party. But mostly I just miss my kids!

Saturday I almost lost my mind when I found out that my ex had left them alone at a swimming pool for a substantial amount of time. I am trying very hard to just let him have his time during his brief stay without interference from me because the kids do not get to see him but once or twice a year, but this incident is a final straw that broke this camel's back! Then my ex in his true fashion would not even speak to me about it, hung up on me, and made it as if I was making a big deal about nothing. It would be super if for once he would take a teensy bit of responsibility for his actions. Before resorting to calling the police for a welfare check on the police, I was able to work out some things with my ex-father-in-law, bless his soul!

Mostly I just want my babies home! I have been in constant communication with God to continue to watch over them. I have thanked him and whomever he has assigned as guardian angels over my children for keeping them safe. Those would have been some fireworks nobody would want to see this weekend if something more than my kids were scared would have happened at that pool on Friday!

So I am hoping that everyone has a safe, happy, and fully supervised Fourth of July today!

My sweet girl enjoying being patriotic last year.

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